When I started to take photography more seriously than just 'something I love but will learn more later', I upgraded my camera, started a workshop with beautiful Emma at Emma Johnson Photography and became obsessed. All during the middle of a worldwide pandemic. At least there were some bright sides to social isolation, right?

This little girl, my darling daughter Florence Rae became my subject. All day, everyday! You're eating breakfast? "make sure you sit right here". Want to jump on the bed? Go for it. Let's get you a baby chino but you have to wear this jumper. She loved being able to do all sorts of fun things while I took some photos.. Although looking at the camera just wasn't and still isn't her thing.

What I found while using my gorgeous kiddies as my subjects was that i got me more involved in their play. To get photos I wanted, I played with Florence more, I got to her level and embraced every moment. And to me this was something that was lacking under my mum cap. Since I had my baby boy Flynn, I was so caught up in the chaos of life with a two year old and a new baby while also maintaining regular mum duties. Taking photos of my precious little girl wasn't only good for practice but it reminded me that I needed to slow down, step back and take in all of the sweet moments that go by too fast. My two children will always be my top priority. Having a messy house or not having dinner prepped, a laundry pile as high as me. Those things can wait. They'll always be there but these moments won't be. Not only did I take the time to be present but I now also have these moments captured for a lifetime. When I look back at these images I will also be reminded of how precious time is and remind myself once again to slow down.