It was a Tuesday, I don't often do sessions at the start of the week because I usually have shifts at the hospital on those days but when Erin messaged me wanting her session sooner than planned because the weather wasn't expected to be very nice on the day we had booked in, I didn't hesitate. All I ever want is for my clients to get the images they dream of. This isn't always easily done but we got to this time.

We were suppose to have a beautiful afternoon with a cracking sunset! The first half of the session the sun was shining and things were looking great but as sunset was setting in the clouds came over and I could tell Erin was a little disappointed, but honestly, their sunset images would not be what they are without that stunning overcast sunset! It was one of the most beautiful skies I have photographed and having it overlooking their property was even more magical!

Sometimes the weather doesn't act like we would hope but that is okay because no matter how much sun we have, or rain on a wedding day, it is what you make it. Embrace what we have and I promise your images will be better than you could have imagined.

Always, G x