Beneath the blooms started as an idea at play group between two mums, that grew into a gorgeous new business in Wagga Wagga that is booming with customers and fresh ideas.

They each have two little girls so its no wonder life sent them in the direction of all things pink and pretty! Bree is a midwife and Morgan helps to run an electrical business with her partner , but sometimes when your soul is filled with creativity you just need to find a way to release it. This is exactly what they've done and you can see how passionate they are about it just by looking at the incredible product they are producing. These lovely ladies prove that no matter what job you are in or where you are in life it is possible to achieve a dream! Don't let anything hold you back from chasing something that fills your soul with immense joy!

The fresh daily posies and everlasting creations are to die for! Not only are they beautiful but the quality is incredible. Having ordered some myself, I can say they last longer than I ever expected! Order yours through their website

This booming small business has only been opened for nearly 3 months and has so many new and fresh ideas yet to come! I can't wait to see where this takes them and watch their ideas come to life.