If these three gorgeous kids don't make your heart melt I don't know what will. Not only are they absolutely stunning but they are just as beautiful to be around. I may be slightly biased as they are my nieces and nephew. But I know everyone is thinking it anyway!

I just adore watching these three grow up. They may carry on like all siblings do but they also have the sweetest personalities which I think are represented so well in the session I done with them on a beautiful autumn night just as I was starting out on this venture.

You'll see beautiful Aivah who is the oldest and quite obviously the mother hen. Then master Oliver is the 'middly'. In this family that usually means bucket loads of absolutely chaotic fun is to come (if his uncle Joe & Hayden are anything to compare to). But he has a heart of gold and takes his role as older brother to miss Iylah very seriously. I remember watching him holding Iylahs hand as she laid in her rocker as a tiny newborn. He would just sit there and hold her hand while watching everyone else around him. And then there is miss Iylah. The youngest of all. She is such a sweet soul mixed with a little bit of crazy on the side who adores her older siblings!

When I started this venture in the world of photography they became my regular subjects and not once did they whinge about it. My challenge wasn't to get them to look at the camera. They done that on their own with the biggest cheesy grin they could give! My challenge was to get them to engage with each other without being distracted by me. I'm so grateful for these kiddies!

This session was my turning point. This was the moment I realised that I can do this. All I wanted to do was go back out there and do it all over again. And that is what I did. So here I am, on this new journey to release my inner creativity and share it with the world!